5 Tips on How to Wake Up Early

I am a early raiser for multiple reasons. I love to wake up early set myself up for success. Whether I am going to work or kicking off the day at home with my family.

To me it’s a huge win when I am prompted and ready for the day. This sets up on a positive start for the day!

On a normal work day I beat the traffic, get in early in the office read my all emails and plan for the day.

On a day home, I’d like to have a day plan. If you have children, you know how it is when children are bored they start their own chaotic plan.

So many people ask me how do I do it?

Well I have 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Give your body some time to gently awaken

Yes, I am guilty of snoozing my alarm so that why I always set my alarm 10 minutes ahead.

2. Wake up with a purpose

I have a dog, I usually like to get a walk in before I leave her home. Morning walks are a must for us.

3. Listening to relaxing piano music

I play music every morning to wake up my mind and soul. I try to create a relaxing and positive environment while I do my morning stretches.

Here is my favorite Relaxing Piano Music

4. Be realistic

It’s so important that you plan go to bed early, if you plan to get up by 5 AM go to bed by 9 PM – more to come on how to go to bed early on my next blog

5. Create a morning route

After snoozing my alarm and start my music for the day:

  • I start the day with morning stretches
  • I dress for the morning walk with the dog
  • I’ve gotta have my morning tea
  • Get ready for the day and leave to work

What helps you get up in early in the mornings?

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