My Perfect Man Checklist

After my parent’s divorce, I developed The Perfect Man checklist. I was determined to find the “perfect” partner. A partner who would never leave me in sickness and health. But also someone I can also rely on!

This checklist would guarantee I’d find man of my dream to marry one day:

1. Educated

2. Family Man

3. Personal Hygiene

4. Romantic

5. Loyal

6. Respectful

7. Financially self sufficient

8. Great listener

9. Athletic

10. Worships me

When I started dating, I realized that my checklist wasn’t realistic. It didn’t dis-courage me. Instead it inspired me to keep looking for the right guy.

No girl goes out looking to get her heart broken, but if you choose to ignore your mind completely during the first few dates, you’re responsible for putting your own heart at danger. I’m all for following your heart and going with your gut, but dating is also about using your head.

The checklist allow me to protect myself.

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