DIY Yarn Christmas Ornaments

Christmas can be both fun and inexpensive, yet beautiful. Also a fun activity to do as a family.

This year I went with rustic theme on my Christmas tree. To complete the look, I decided to create the yarn Christmas ornaments. They were the perfect touch and it didn’t cost an arm or a leg.

Supplies list (all things can be found at the dollar store):

    The yarns
    Mod Podge glue
    Bowl (medium)
    Wood pins

  • Directions to get started:

  • These are all directions that your spouse and kids can help with

    Blow up the balloon until it’s slightly smaller than your fist (I created all different sizes)
    Pour the glue into a bowl
    Cut the string a foot long
    Mix the strings into the bowl of glue
    Grab an individual glue covered string and wrapped around a balloon (repeat)
    Hang to dry over night
  • 7. Once dry, pop the balloon with a pin and remove it, using tweezers, if necessary.
  • I used wire hangers on mine individual ornaments
  • Feel free to decorate your ornaments to match your Christmas tree theme. These are dollar store add on decor on my ornaments below.
  • Just a quick retrospective:
  • If the ballon leaks don’t use it. I’d thought taping it would be fine. Little did I know the yarn would attempt to reshape as the balloon deflate.
  • Good luck readers and most of all have fun!

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