Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

My family loves the ugly Christmas sweater contest! This is an easy and effortless yet fun and engaging game to play during one of the most business event of the year.

1. Decide how many winners

Number of winners can be base on the number of people at your event. Typically I have over 50 guest over, this is only my husband’s family so we will have two winners. One is an adult and a child. Anyone can play.

2. Create a Voting method for your top favorite sweaters

I usually have a small bowl and post notes, ask people to vote by a certain time

3. Decide on the Winner’s gift

To make it convenient, we have give out gift cards!! đź’µ

4. I have ONE simple rule for the ugly Christmas sweater contest:

1. To be eligible as an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contestant you must wear a Christmas or Winter themed Sweater, Sweatshirt, or Sweater Vest

And lastly to make the game more fun, add this fun twist:

You can be disqualified from the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest for the following:

1. Take off on your ugly Christmas Sweater

2. Removing your sweater before the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion has been announced

3. And if your sweater does not have a Christmas or Winter theme

What is your favorite traditional holiday game?

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