The Commitment behind the Elf on the Shelf

Since the Elf on the Shelf came into our hearts back in 2005, it’s become a Christmas tradition for many families. It’s everywhere: classrooms, homes, even in our downtown displays.

Whether you love the elf, hate it, or are indifferent to its wiles, now is the time to decide if they will play into the charm of The Elf on the Shelf.

If you have no idea what or who the Elf on the Shelf is:

The Elf serves as Santa’s right-hand spies, kids know the elf is supposed to give daily briefs to his boss before returning to his or her post the next day. The Elf is always watching and popping up in the oddest places to keep tabs on children and their behavior.

You can find the Elf on the Shelf at Target, this kit comes with the Elf and a book to read more about it.

This means your work has to be unnoticed in order to move this watchdog around. And without giving away that it is YOU playing the roles of both Santa Claus and The Elf. It can be entertaining and funny for some parents, but it can become very draining for some.

The commitment of repositioning their elf every night. Sometimes it’s by accident and sometimes it’s by choice.

Yes, the elf brings the holiday spirit to your children. It also brings out the creative side of many adults. But how much time can you invest in the days leading up to Christmas. And the days leading up to your child’s discovery that it’s parent performing the magic?

You’ve got to be in it to win it, folks. The cost? Your time and some brain power. The wins are their enjoy and laugher! Perhaps fear too, because we’re sure nobody’s kid wants to get in trouble with Santa and his helpers!

If you’re going to partner up with the elf for Christmas, just get ready to be in it for the long haul!

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