Self-Care Sundays

Are you find yourself always exhausted and or overwhelmed? Consider committing an fee hours on Sunday for self-care.

Sundays are perfect days to unwind and press the reset button, reground, and refuel.

The Benefits is Self-Care

Self-care is such an important component of self-love. After all, the way we care for ourselves sets the tone for how we can care for others. As a mother, I am always on the go, go so this is a perfect way for recharge my battery.

How am I able to do Self-Care Sunday

Thanks to my amazing husband, I am able to have Self-care Sunday. He has agreed to over the house duties such as laundry and cooking. He has also started daddy time on Sunday so he helps take the kids even if it’s just going to the Target. I can allow myself time of total silence.

Mommies, it’s ok! There is no shame for taking time off. Allowing yourself a moment of rest, even if it’s only for an hour is the best gift of all.

What act of self-care are you dedicating yourself to today?

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