The Working Mom Guilt of a Sick Child

This weekend I notice my oldest showing signs of the FLU, I went on a rage to disinfect in hope to prevent it from getting worst and or even spreading within the household.

To be honestly, I fear missing work and falling behind. As the breadwinner, I feel responsible to work.

Too often working mothers such like myself feels like they have to choose work vs. motherhood. Although the decision should be easy right. But we know we still have the work we are responsible for waiting for us and now piling up. Or feel obligated as a mother to care for your children. But then feels responsible pays your end of the mortgage.

So in effort to meet all of our responsibilities, both at home and in the office feel stuck. And this becomes a hard decision to make. After all this we forget that we have already earned the benefit to stay home to care for ourselves and our family.

Stop Making Excuses

When your child is sick and he kept you up all night, you feel you need to know if he is having a fever or he is throwing up to determine if he is sick enough to call it a sick day/ PTO. Your child being sick and you are exhausted; that should be enough to call it a sick day/ PTO.

Stop Asking Permission

Sick days/ PTO are a benefit of employment. They are earned and tracked by the organization. You have them until they are used or until they expired. If you have more questions, call you Human Resource departments.

The only thing I would advise is to make sure you have open communication with your manager(s) and understand the expectations of calling in sick/ PTO.

Stop Feeling Compelled to Work From Home

Honestly, embrace these moments. If your work can wait, and it usually can, let it. Stay an extra hour tomorrow if you have to, but right now soak up the love and affection expressed between you and your sick child. You’re creating memories; so be present.

It’s time we stop feeling guilty about taking a sick day/ PTO to care for our little ones. Next time you need to stay home to care for your sick child or even yourself, don’t think of it as a sick day but as a benefit.

No more working mom guilt!

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