Why I Blog about Food?

Growing up, I hated cooking Hmong food. All the preparation that goes into a dish can take hours before actually cooking the dish. It wasn’t worth my time! Learning how to cook Hmong food wasn’t time efficient.

So you are probably wondering why I’ve started to blog about Hmong food? Well to be honest, because these food brings back so many memories. Only good memories too!

Memories of my strong and healthy mom was in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.

My father who began cooking because my mom was too sick.

After my father left, my talented sisters started cooking with my handicap mom, who voice was so loud as if she was yelling. She gave cooking instruction step by step.

And even my brothers, who always stood by my mom’s side when she needed anything.

Cooking has been so therapeutic for me. However I may not be the best cook, but each dish is made with loving memories of my family.

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