Christmas Rules

The stress level of Christmas can be overwhelming. Christmas season is meant to be a time of joy. But the high expectations of the all the luxurious gifts and competition are not ideal.

Everyone has a different experience. Some feels the financial pressure and or family conflict that Christmas brings.

In any family, there can some sort of family conflict. My siblings are very competitive specially towards one another in anything.

Christmas gifts always way over the top: people received expensive brand purses, iPhones, iPads, new ovens and so on. It was magical as the person receiving the gift! As the person giving the gift, financially it hurts.

So when it came to playing games, small disagreements often lead to harsh words and deep feelings of unsettled issues arises.

Christmas became overwhelming and draining.

Christmas Rules

Over the years, I have developed my own 2 simple rules for Christmas that’s helped me.

1. Don’t go into debt trying to impress people

Set a realistic budget for yourself.

Know that you have the choice to not participate in the Christmas activities.

2. Don’t go visit family if it compromises your mental health

You have the OPTION to attend or not attend! As important as it is to attend for the kids, it’s more important to do what’s best for your mental health. Maybe come up with a new family tradition, cabin trip up north to go skiing or a vacation somewhere warm.

Have you noticed I have a theme here: you have the choice! Do what is best for you financially and mentally.

My Recommendations

Somethings I have done this year is to send Christmas cards and mail gifts.

Christmas Cards: For the best deal, I use Sam’s Club – 25 Cards for $17

Personalized Gifts: Mug / Water Bottle with their Name on it or phase depending on the person. You can find deals on Etsy. I have a cricut so I buy my own mug / water bottle and print my own labels.

What rules have you created to beat the anxiety and stress of Christmas?

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