Tips for Working Mothers

As working mothers, we want to do it all. Cook, clean, care for our children and manage the household on top of building our career. We want to be the best wife, mother, and also the best employee at work. This is a natural behavior inside of us as woman.

Some like me who are trying to live up to our mothers and others are trying to be better then their parents. No matter what your reason is, we have created these mom expectations that sometimes can be aren’t realistic. We often find ourselves staying up night working on a project at work after we put our kids to bed.

I have a few tips that could help you as a working mother:

Get Enough of Sleep

Set and commit to bedtime. Most cellular phones have their options now. Calculate 9 hours (8 hours is the standard sleep time and an hour buffer to get ready) before your normal time to head out of the house in the morning.

Establish Set Work Hours

I am guilty of working more then 8 hours a day. So I too am working on this. I’ve taken the action to remove my work email on my personal phone. And also committed not to bring my laptop home. This way when I am home, I am unplugged from work.

Embrace the Power of “NO”

As woman, we feel the burden to say “Yes” to everyone and everything. We need to get in the habit of saying “No.” if you can’t commit or don’t want to do it. Know that “No.” is ok to say.

Set Attainable Schedules

Every day could be a struggle if you want to be two places at once. For example if work has a happy hour at 5 PM and your kid has an afternoon activity at 6 PM, don’t forget to add in your drive time. You can make it work but it’s can be more stressful then pleasurable. So ask to re-schedule the happy hour, adjust your daily schedule as needed.

Let GO of Perfection

As a perfectionist, this was the hardest for me to do. The world will not stop turning if things aren’t perfect. Our house isn’t live on TV or on a magazine catalog. So does it have to be perfectly cleaned and picked up, no!

Unplug Yourself

As a personal blogger, I have to mentally unplug myself. Anything challenging of mine. But I do journals my thoughts and ideas in a notebook. Use this time to spend with the kids, prep lunches, journal your thoughts, talk to your husband, or plan a trip. You will realize how much more time you have.

Take a Mental or Physical “Me Time” breaks

This could be the happy hour you wanted to attend after work. Or the run you have been wanting to do before the day starts. Allow yourself some time! Whether it’s a trip to Target or the nail salon. You need it momma!

So yes, working mom you can do it all. We just have to remember to slow down.

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