Marriage Tip – Spend 1 percent of your day together

This is something brilliant I heard on KTIS radio this yesterday on the way to work. I didn’t catch the speaker’s name. So if you know the name of the speaker please share it with me.

The speaker proposed that if we would invest in 1 percent of our day into our marriage, this would improve and strengthen your relationship. One percent of the day is about 15 minutes. In these 15 minutes, there should be no interruption. Meaning the TV and cell phone should be turned off, no kids, no work related conversations, no financial discussions and avoid the negativity all together. In those 15 minutes, focus the conversations on the positive moments of the day. Celebrate the small wins. Compliment each other. Or use that time to make future plans together: family trips or vacations.

My husband and I tried it last night. We later found ourselves laughing and cuddling on the bed. Sadly to say, the conversation somehow lasted longer than 15 minutes. I actually don’t remember that last time we had 15 minutes alone. To be honest, it was extremely awkward at first.

After we put the kids to bed, we both sat on the bed. I tried everything I could to keep my eyes open. So how did we make it work?

1. We shut off our phone and TV, we had to physically remove our phones from the bed

2. After we both regroup ourselves and focused only on the positive

3. The first question we tackled was “What are you thankful for the day and why?”

4. Second, we discussed “What the most memorable moment of the day?”

5. Next, we shared something funny that happened today.

These 5 items pretty much took over 15 minutes. We plan to continue to try this every night. And next month, we plan to increase it to 2 percent of the day.

What ways are you and your spouse doing to strengthen your relationship?

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