Treat Yourself

I struggled for a long time because I felt too guilty to treat myself. I found myself asking permission to spend my own hard earn money. I didn’t have any financial struggles, so why was it still a struggle to allow myself to splurge. Or just putting myself first.

Growing up in a Hmong family, I was taught to be selfless. According to dictionary.com the meaning of self is concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish. Like many other cultures, family always came first. So if it didn’t benefit the family, you can forget about it.

As a adult, I hit rock bottom. I learned that it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. No one else will take care of me if I don’t put myself as a priority. I would only be the best mother and give my best if my cup was filled. Take time for self care and treat yourself because honestly you deserve it!

Treating your self doesn’t have to take too much time nor money. I am not referring to you to book a $100 massage. Here are a few ideas that are free or could cost a few dollars.

Buy your favorite lunch, dessert or drink

Of course it would be far cheaper pack your homemade lunch or brewed coffee at home each day, but I look forward to Turtle white chocolate Mocha from Caribou.

Sleep in an extra hour

We all know and studies confirm that we just don’t get enough sleep. Sleep makes your mind sharper, allowing you to focus more clearly on potential solutions to business problems at hand.

Get active

If you enjoy running, walking, hiking or biking, sign up for a local race or event in your community. It gives you a goal to work towards that is not part of your day to day business routine.

Take time to volunteer

Give back whether it’s to raise money or volunteering at the school, this will be most rewarding. Think of this as a social event and getting to know the community around you.


Schedules time to unplug, shutting down all gadgets and catching up on reading or listening to music. These mini-breaks recharge you for the upcoming week.

Take time off during the weekday

Take the time off when others are working and your kids are at school. Few things feel more indulgent than hanging out yourself in the middle of the day when everyone else is hard at work at the office and the kids are at school

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