The Hmong Home Remedies for Cold | Sore Throat | Flu | Stomach Pain

Growing up in a Hmong house in the 90’s in Minnesota, the illness such as the cold or the flu spread like wildfire. Once school started, the temperature began to drop, the first snow fall, someone in the house was always sick. I remembered my mom always had a Hmong remedies to cure it.

My parents told me that the Hmong believed that one’s body can produce too much internal heat can cause stress on the body and the body becomes ill. The Hmong rubbing techniques releases the body internal heat.

Hmong Rubbing Techniques

The Egg Rub

All you need is an egg, wash towel / cloth and silver bar. The

  1. Boil the egg in a pot, once the egg is cooked, remove egg from the hot water. Remove the shell and the yellow yoke inside.
  1. While the white egg is still hot, place it on the middle of the hand towel / cloth and add the silver bar on to it. With the egg and silver bar in the hand towel / cloth, wrap up it up.
  1. Keep the heat on so the water in the pot remain hot. Optional to remove water from heat, but you want the water to be hot.
  • You are ready to begin rubbing. Rub in area of pain. For example if you have a headache and cough, rub your neck, chest and forehead. Dip your wrap in the hot water to keep the egg hot.
  • Please note: you may notice the metal bar becomes a darker color. The belief behind this is the bar collects all the impurity that’s causing you to become ill.

    Ointment Rub

    This rub consists of a spoon and ointment (tiger bam). This ointment is similar to Vick’s combine with Icy-hot. Using the backside of the spoon of the ointment on to your pain area. In a scooping motion, use the spoon to rub.

    Please note: This ointment rub can cause redness on your skin. The belief is the more red your skin is means the better you will get.

    Picture from Alibaba

    Growing up Hmong, I often practiced the rubbing techniques. Although I hated it at the same times. The rubbing gave me some relief on my illness. It made some of the biggest differences for example a peaceful night rest. As a adult, I still practice this in my household.

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