Why to have a Second Child

After I become a mother, the hot question people often asked “Do you want another one?”. Funny question, right! As if you were even thinking about it. After labor and sleepless nights, of course my answer was a straight “NO!”.

After a year a half, we noticed how lonely my little guy was and how he couldn’t wait to be around little one. I knew he needed a partner in crime.

In additional to that, the 5 reasons below helped us make our decision to have another child.

1. You know What to Expect

Although every pregnancy is different as you first and you second child, you ideally know the process from pregnancy illness to child birth to caring for this little human being. I’d remember my first pregnancy, it was so magical as my baby grew in my belly. I recorded every baby movement on my belly and freaked out every time a couldn’t feel a movement. Then when the second one came, I was ready to be done half way of my pregnancy.

2. Confident in your Parenting Skills

You are all geared up with a head full of key learning from mistakes and good practices. You probably can still remember most of what happened with baby number one. I was one of those mother who ran to the baby’s crib side as soon I heard a little struggle. And there were times where I stood outside of the crib listening to my baby breathing in the middle night. Not only was I paranoid but also didn’t know the right queues.

3. You are in Shape for the Next Baby

No need to buy anything new this time. Those hammy downs from the first born has you all set up for the second one. The infant car seat that we used for only 7 months, baby bouncer that he sat on for less than a month, the baby bath tub that’s in storage along with all the other baby items from your baby shower. Including those cute baby outfits that never saw the light of day. Well, now you have a second chance!

4. They will have Each Other

I find this was the most rewarding is that they have each other. This was a benefit going up in a large family, I had my siblings. Someone to share my secrets to or someone to talk over a situation and seek their advise. It’s definitely a beautiful moment when I see my boys playing together and also looking out for each other.

5. They learn from Each Other

I consistently heard this from doctors to child development professionals to friends and family that the second child learns faster as they have a role model, their older sibling to copy from. Meaning your second child may learn how to walk or speak at a earlier age than the first. This wasn’t the case for my second child, he didn’t want or speak before his brother. However he level of maturity and social skills came at a younger age to keep up with his brother.

Having a second child will come with it’s challenges. Those challenges may be new or old, but we can choose how we handle it.

At the end of the day, I am so thankful for my boys.

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